Hello I am Aareyan Manzoor. I did my UG at ASU, and now am doing grad school at U Waterloo. I love the interplay of different fields in math and as such I have decided to go into operator algebras, a field that intersects pretty much every other field of math. I am currently interested in the intersection of Quantum information and operator algebras. This is mainly due to MIP*=RE. Currently I am approaching this through the idea of group stability, which asks the questions “how close is an approximate homomorphism to an actual one” for different notions of close and approximate. Turns out this appearns on both ends of the MIP*=RE and Connes embedding equivalence.

This is my website. I shall have a section on my blog, which I will update periodically with cool math stuff I learn. I will have a section for scans, I believe in freedom of information even when certain institutions don’t. I will put up scans of work that are not avalaible anywhere on the net there, that I get my hand on ofcourse. I also used to run a TeX group, but it is inactive right now. I will keep the page up since we did produce good work.

If you want to hangout/talk to me, feel free to add my discord johnds.