This is a group that TeX's up old book and modernizes notation in them. The purpose is 2-fold, to make some of these older books easier to access and also easier to read. We include a lot of modern formatting, such as hyperlinks between different sections of the book, hyperlinks to citations, more modern fonts, all diagrams redrawn to be more modern, tikz etc. To make the book easier to read for everyone, we also produce a ``dyslexic friendly version'' of each book, using the font ``open dyslexic'' and changing some macros. We periodically update the book to fix typos and such. Following the repisotaries will notify you when a book updates, or alternatively I have put the dates of last update here, in American date format.

Please let your peers know about these newly TeX'd books! To join, either email me at amanzoo1 at asu dot edu, or hit up my discord JohnDS#1149. The group is primarily ran on discord, and the projects on overleaf. Please also report any errors or suggestions to me, the comment section here should be good for that.

Please report typos or other suggestion in this form

Here are our projects.

  • Adams blue book.This is a classic intro to stable homotopy theory, and our first project as a result. This was done July 2022. Dyslexic friendly version . Our TeX is also on github.
  • (last updated: 2/15/2023)
  • Hicks notes on differential geometry, a very good intro to the topic with a good selection of topics. This was done August 2022.dyslexic friendly version. Our TeX is on github.
  • (last updated: 10/15/2022)
  • Matsumura's Commutative Algebra another famous book, this time for commutative algebra. This was done August 2022. dyslexic friendly version. Our TeX is on github.
  • (last updated: 2/15/2023)
  • Milnor and Stasheff's ``characteristic classes'', an amazing book on an amazing topic. This was finished October 2022. dyslexic friendly version. The TeX is also on Github.
  • (last updated: 2/18/2023)
  • Lagarias and Odlyzko's "Effective Versions of The Chabetarev Density Theorem", an important paper and a smaller project, Finished November 2022. Dyslexic friendly version. The TeX is also on Github.(last updated: 1/1/2023)
  • Quillen's "Homotopical Algebra", a very influencial and highly requested book, Finished February 2023. Dyslexic firendly version. The TeX is also on Github. (last updated: 2/21/2023)

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