I will post papers, talks etc here.


These are seminars that I currently have a hand in running:
  • Quantum PCPs seminar, time to be decided at Waterloo.
  • Teaching

    Here are some things I have done beyond just TAing:
  • I supervised a measure theory reading group I ran. Here are the Problem sets and weekly readings
  • Counselor at Ross 2023 Indiana. It is a math camp for gifted high schoolers, and this was one of the best experiences I had. more info
  • (Ongoing) Directed reading program at Waterloo for Women in Math. Doing it on Model Theory, following Tent and Zeigler.
  • Talks

    Here are my talk slides/recorded talks:
  • Model theory of II_1 factors, for an introductory course on tracial von Nuemann algebras.
  • The complexity class QMA, for an introductory course in quantum information.
  • On the (co)homology of spectra for an seminar on stable homotopy theory
  • Brown representability same seminar